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Foundry Products:
LB-Series Attrition Mills

The LB-Series Attrition Mill is a rugged, heavy-duty unit that is designed to provide constant, reliable reclamation year after year. Models up to 5 ton per hour throughput are available. It is a top loading mill that contains no cross bars or grates to interfere with inspection of the primary screen or removal of tramp metal, gaggers, etc. All interior surfaces are protected by cross-ribbed wear plates. 

The LB-Series utilizes a Dual Screen Agglomeration Reduction System that is made up of two perforated metal plates. The first is located in the forward bottom of the mill and permits only loose sand and small lumps to feed into the secondary chamber. The second screen is located at the flange of the secondary chamber and the discharge housing. It allows only grain size sand to exit the mill.

The attrition mill utilizes an adjustable output 3 phase vibrator which is bottom mounted to provide maximum agitation of the sand mass. Vibrator horsepower ratings for the R-1, R-3, R-5, and R-10 are 2, 4, 5, and dual 5 horsepower, respectively.

The attrition mill includes as standard a three sided tapered load frame to aide in loading efficiency.

The attrition mill is outfitted with a simple door arrangement for the cleaning and service of the primary screen.


  • Dust Hood with a rubber strip access door on the loading side.
  • Chill Removal Door Available

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