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Palmer Magnetic Separators
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The Magnetic Drum Separator is often necessary insurance in any ferrous foundry operation against the potential damage to “downstream” equipment caused by tramp metal or other ferrous metallic objects that might bypass any faulty or inadequate screening in the shakeout area.

The unit is normally (in a chemically bonded system) located at the discharge end of a lumpbreaker where the sand lumps have been reduced to grain-size. As the sand spills over the edge of the discharge chute of the lumpbreaker, it is fed into the inlet hopper of the magnetic drum separator from where it is gravity fed to the drum which is revolving around a sectional, stationary, permanent magnet.

The magnetic field attracts and holds ferrous particles to the outer surface of the drum while the non-magnetic material falls freely from the drum surface down a discharge chute for sand only. The ferrous particles are carried beyond the magnets’ influence where they fall off and down a separate chute dedicated to trap ferrotic material. The unit provides not only excellent separation, but controlled feed.

The section of the hopper that surrounds the drum is manufactured from non-magnetic stainless steel to prevent induced magnetism. The inlet chute of the unit is designed to direct the flow of incoming material across the face of the drum, providing increased efficiency of separation. The design also prevents heavier pieces of metal from hitting and damaging the drum surface.

NOTE: To avoid problems both in the Cooler/Classifier and the molding area from undesirable contaminants that might be found in either the new or reclaimed sand, we strongly recommend the inclusion of a screen in the intake of the Cooler/Classifier. Over the years we have found that these screens are invaluable in saving on maintenance in the form of “clean-out” time. 

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