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High Temperature Cooler / Classifier

Classification of the sand passing through the screener assembly and into the body of this unit is achieved by the balanced use of air from a supplied blower and an external dust collection system. This ensures that the sand being discharged from the unit is free from dust and matches the grain distribution of the sand as originally purchased.

The classifier is constructed from three major components:

  • A base, or plenum chamber, into which fluidizing air is blown by a blower
  • A fluidizing deck constructed of abrasion resistant steel 
  • A main body, which serves as a cover and pressure chamber

The plenum chamber serves not only as a base, but also a means of distributing the incoming air to the underside of the fluidizing deck. The deck is a steel plate filled with self-cleaning, covered orifices through which the air is passed in order to fluidize the sand resting on it.


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The main body is mounted on top of the base (plenum chamber). It serves not only as a cover, but also as a classifying chamber.

The fluidizing action of the sand assists in polishing of each grain, removing all of the dust and fines produced by the casting process and transport of the sand. A negative pressure maintained over the bed by a dust collector (supplied by the customer) and controlled by a gate located between the collector and the heater/classifier ensures that all the dust and fines are removed from the chamber and around the sand grains.

Fluidizing air is provided by a constant pressure blower driven by a TEFC motor that includes an inlet damper control. Inspection and cleaning panels, flanged discharge, dust collection, and air manifold connections are included. Connections for sand discharge and fluidizing air can be mounted on either side of the heater/classifier to suit customer’s layout.


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