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Variable Pump Co-Reactant Blending System


  • Two electrically-linked precision piston pumps 
  • Solid state push button pump speed control 
  • Completely self contained
  • Easy to install, simple to operate 
  • Accuracies of +/- 2%


  • Consistent cure time 
  • Reduces waste co-reactant
  • Improved accuracy improves process stability 
  • Simple and easy to use 
  • Lower cost than typical blending systems
  • Unit ships completely assembled and ready to install. 
  • Typical installation time is 2-3 hours.

For Use With 

  • Phenolic Urethane Catalysts 
  • Ester Cured Phenolic Co-Reactants 
  • Furan Acids 


  • Digital Output Tachometer - This output tachometer is mounted on the front of the electrical panel. The LED display is calibrated to read in ounces per minute, grams per minute, or any other user programmable measurement. 
  • Sand Temperature Display - The LCD thermometer reads out the sand temperature at the inlet to the Mixer. This allows the operator to adjust for variations in sand temperature as well as mold or core size. Signal wire and thermocouple are provided. 
  • Temperature Biasing - This option allows for the automatic metering of co-reactants based on measured sand temperature. This option is ideal for foundries that experience large swings in sand temperature but must retain a constant strip time. 
  • Acid System Upgrade - Includes dual high tolerance hastalloy pumps. 
  • Flow Measurement and Control


The Palmer Variable Pumping System was developed to provide liquid catalyst resin system users with a simple, efficient, yet cost effective way to vary the cure time of cores and molds (due to mold size variation, sand temperature fluctuation, and other considerations) without having to switch from one hardener or co-reactant to another.


Resource Center

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Article Understanding Mixer Pumping Systems

The Palmer VP is a self contained unit housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure which can be installed on the mixer or remotely. All electrical and control components are mounted in a secondary NEMA 12 enclosure housed within the primary enclosure.

The standard pumping system consists of two linear output piston type pumps. The output of each pump is determined by the angle of the pump in relationship to it's driver. The pumps are electrically coupled so that when pump "A" is at 0% output, pump "B" is at 100% output. With the simple turn of a knob, a high tolerance variable frequency drive adjusts the pump RPM of each drive motor to proportion the liquid components. This allows for an infinite range of calibration ratios which can be changed in seconds. Tubing from each pump is routed directly to the mixing chamber so that any adjustments to the ratio is immediate.

The total output of the pumps is determined by the overall speed selector potentiometer located in the face of the control enclosure.

The Palmer VP System can be operated in either manual or automatic mode.  

    The VP System can be manually operated independently of other mixer components. This mode is used primarily for calibration.
    The VP System operates in conjunction with other mixer components actuating at the same time as the resin pump. This unit comes completely wired and plumbed, ready for immediate installation.



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