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RP Retrofit Pumping Systems

The quality of your sand is only as good as the accuracy of your Pumping System. 

  • The RP ELIMINATES Inaccurate, Inconsistent Pump Delivery
  • The RP ELIMINATES Resin Bleed Back
  • The RP ELIMINATES the Need for Constant Re-Calibration
  • The RP ELIMINATES High Parts Replacement Costs

Shipped 100% Tested, Assembled,
and Ready to Install



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Palmer Retrofit Pumping Systems (RP) are completely self contained units that are designed to eliminate the problems associated with old, worn, poorly designed systems that cause such problems as inaccurate delivery, inconsistent delivery, resin bleed back, the need for constant re-calibration, and high replacement parts cost.  The Palmer RP Systems are particularly helpful when used to replace pumping systems designed around high RPM, low displacement pumps.

The entire RP System is housed in a NEMA enclosure, which can be mounted on or near the existing mixer. All electrical controls will be housed in a smaller NEMA 12 enclosure, located within the larger enclosure for added protection. All necessary controls are accessible through a window on the door of the large enclosure. Smart relay control systems controls the adjustable on/off delay pump times and includes an integrated timer system.

This design allows easy access to all controls, switches, pumps and drives, while protecting them from dust, sand, and accidental damage.

The RP system operates on either RUN / STOP or RECIRCULATION basis.


In RUN/STOP, the pumps come on when sand is being made and stops running when sand is no longer needed. This is not common for systems of this type and is only possible due to the extremely high torque output of the pump motors used. The system requires only one 120-volt electrical connection and one ¼" 90 PSI compressed air line for operation.

Recirculating design - pumps run continuously and have a 3-way diverter valve. Diverter valves direct resin to the mixer as needed. When not making sand, the resin flow is diverted. Recirculating ensures immediate delivery of the resin to the mixing chamber.



All functions are controlled by an integrated smart relay. This smart relay controls the adjustable on/off delay timers for up to three pumps and one powder feeder. The smart relay also includes a calibration timer system.

All electrical is housed in a NEMA enclosure and use NEMA rated switches, etc.

The electrical control system features two modes of operation.

Hand or Automatic Modes
In HAND (or manual) mode, any or all of the pumps can be activated by individual two-position switches located on the door of the enclosure. This mode is used primarily for calibration and maintenance purposes. An auto-calibration timer option is available.

In AUTOMATIC mode, all aspects of the RP System operate based on a trigger signal from the electrical control system of the existing mixer.

This signal is the only electrical connection required between the existing mixer and the RP.  This signal should be supplied from the output side of the mixer's existing pump OFF delay timer. ON and OFF delay timers can be incorporated into the RP.

Pump speed is accurately controlled by either a solid state dependable DC 0-90 VDC speed controller or high quality VFD. Calibration and outputs are quick and easy to adjust.



The pump drive motors are (AC or DC) voltage gear head motors that are directly coupled to the pumps.

Air actuated ball valves are plumbed in-line before the pumps to eliminate chemical drain back during inactive periods. The ball valves open immediately when the pumps are activated and close immediately when the pumps stop. This quick action maintains a level of chemical at the mixing chamber to help ensure good first and last sand.


In a recirculating design, the pumps run constantly. The output goes to air actuated 3-way valves that either direct the flow to the mixer or back to the supply.

This design, in conjunction with the precise smart relays or PLC, gives the system its accuracy and repeatability.




All pump drive motor components are carefully selected, based on the following criteria:

  • Output

  • Compatibility with materials

  • Viscosity range

Palmer stocks over 50 different styles and sizes of retrofit pumps including mechanical, seal, magnetic, etc.

All standard Palmer pumping system options are available as listed below.


Control System Options 

PLC Control System Our standard mixer control systems can easily be replicated into an Allen Bradley Micrologic 1000 or 1500 or for a more advanced system, the SLC 5XX Series of PLC’s are used.  Call us with your specific needs. wpe5A.jpg (15802 bytes)
Batch Mixer Upgrade This option takes the standard RP and adds a high tolerance batch timer for run time.  A pulse signal from the existing batch mixer control system initiates resin addition.  Addition of resin will automatically stop when the run timer has expired.  
Calibration Timer This option provides a digital timer, located in the door of the primary electrical enclosure.  The timer is programmed for the duration of the calibration sample cycle.  A three-position switch determines which pump is to be calibrated.  The operator, after setting the timer and selecting the pump, removes the chemical nozzle from the mixing chamber and presses the cycle start button located on the side of the mixing chamber.  The appropriate pump and diverter valve actuate for exactly the programmed amount of time.   P1010042a.jpg (26101 bytes)
Pump Speed Displays Tachometer displays located in the door of the primary electrical enclosure monitor pump RPM and convert the resulting signal into an LED readout in either ounces or grams per minute.  They provide a constant indication of pump speed and allow for a calibration adjustment while the mixer is in operation.    
Additional Mixer Controls Additional controls for mixer drive motors, conveyor belts, slide gates, run timers, RFID, Ethernet, etc., can be included. Call for pricing. wpe41.jpg (29879 bytes)
Exmann Speed Controllers E-8200 Digital PC motor drive speed controllers  


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