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Since the inception of no-bake binder systems, the popularity has driven the foundry industry to use substantial volumes of resin. As most people find, it is much less expensive to buy their binders in bulk, store them in bulk, and transfer them as needed to individual mixing system day tanks.


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To fill the need for a high quality, low maintenance bulk resin transfer system, Palmer Manufacturing has expanded its standard pumping system line to include the RP-B. The RP-B consists of the controls, drives, and pumps necessary to transfer large volumes of resin in a short period of time.

The standard unit comes as a 240/480 V Three Phase system with internal heavy duty contactors to supply power to the transfer motors. A signal from the resin monitoring system or Palmer auto-fill control system initiates the system.

Hand / Off / Auto controls of each pump independently allow for the ultimate flexibility in resin transfer.

Each unit is sized with your specific application in mind.

Available Options

  • Auto-Fill Resin Level Monitoring System
  • Multiple Fill-To Point Operation
  • PLC Integration
  • Usage Monitoring
  • Acid System Upgrade
  • Resin Storage Containers
  • All pumping system options currently available for our mixers and RP systems are available with the RP-B. Click here to view these options.

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