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Foundry Products: 
RD-Series Rollover / Draw Machines

RD-Series Rollovers are designed for years of hard work through simple, yet rugged construction. They have been designed by maintenance and foundrymen for maintenance and foundrymen.




  • No pit required for most foundry system installations. 
  • All primary parts are replaceable through the Palmer Spare Parts Department or high-quality industrial supply houses. 
  • High torque rotation ensures easy rolling of even the heaviest jobs. 
  • Easy customization to fit the application’s exact needs. 
  • Items requiring preventative maintenance are readily accessible.


Safety Braking System 

Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc., was recently issued U.S. Patent No. 9,937,552 for its Safety Braking System for Rollover Draw Machines.

This patented braking system is unique to Rollover Draw Machines, as it is employed in conjunction with the regular service brake, although they operate separately. This dual system doubles the reliability and safety of the overall braking system.

Rollovers move and manipulate heavy molds. Our spring-loaded braking system is positioned away from the drum and held open by hydraulic pressure. Therefore, if power is lost, the control system automatically releases the spring which completely stops the system immediately. Additionally, there are encoders located on the mechanical drive and drum that monitor speed. If the speed varies by more than 1% the system also automatically activates the externally compressing bands.

"The Rollover Draw Machine is the heaviest piece of equipment in a no-bake system. We set out to design a safety braking system that would protect operators in the event of a drive or component failure. We are proud to have engineered an industry-first in this regard and to have been awarded this patent," said Jack Palmer, President.


Power Components  

Rotation is achieved through the use of a high torque, hydraulic motor direct coupled to a chain drive system. The system is designed to utilize mechanical advantage for the benefit of machine operation and component longevity. Speed is controlled using a simple flow control valve arrangement.

On the standard model, rotational speeds, acceleration, and deceleration are controlled by manual operator push button controls.

With the optional PLC control upgrade, rotational speed, acceleration, and deceleration functions are controlled by the Allen-Bradley SLC 502 Series PLC in combination with the hydraulic directional valves and high tolerance proximity sensors.

This heavy duty rotational power mechanism drives a #120 chain rigid mounted to the main bearing ring of the unit. Through gear reduction and motor sizing, torque requirements are easily achieved.

Mechanical stops ensure that the machine is correctly leveled prior to attempting to draw a mold or core.

Clamping is performed by dual, heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders for the moving platen. Available clamping pressure is controlled using pressure reducing valves mounted integrally to the hydraulic manifold.

Pattern clamp (pre-hydraulic clamp close) is achieved using industrial airbags attached to a standard lift bar assembly. The mold box mounting plate is force clamped to two one-inch thick, fixed width bars attached to the top of the conveyor channel. A three phase reversing high intensity rotary (standard) or single phase linear vibrator is also part of this assembly for ease of draw.

Variable width pattern clamping is optional. Please consult with our factory for your specific requirements.

The conveyor motors are high efficiency hydraulic drives. Number 60 chain and sprockets, heavy-wall (0.300” minimum) solid-shaft rollers, and commercially available outside flange bearings mounted outside the conveyor frame combine for a virtually indestructible conveyor which allows easy preventative maintenance and easily replaceable parts as needed. 



The RD Series does not require a pit in most applications. The rotating weldment rides on four large diameter, heavy-duty. fully machined, flanged wheels with external four bolt flange bearings making for years of smooth operation. The wheels are supported by a frame utilizing high strength square tubing. Machine leveling is performed with leveling screws integral to the mounting feet (included). The frame provides sufficient rigidity such that additional shimming or support is not required. 




For the base machine, all functions of the unit are controlled by the operator eliminating the need for a high cost PLC.

With optional automatic operation, all functions are controlled by the system PLC (Allen-Bradley SLC-5XX Series is standard for this option). Remote high tolerance proximity and photoelectric sensors provide location and status signals to the PLC. The machine runs in either manual or fully automatic modes for flexibility. The fully automated circuitry includes auto-draw and proof-of-draw cycles. Auto-draw duration and attempt counts are programmable.

The RD-Series controls can interface easily with existing systems or interfaced directly with Palmer DURALOOP or Carousel No-Bake Molding Systems. 



Flexibility of Design 

The RD-Series is easily customized to fit the requirements of the
no-bake system in which it will operate.

Configuration options include:

C-Frame: In-Line Single Side: Barrel:



Standard RD Sizes Include:

Model Nominal Mold Size Standard Configuration
RD-2000 36” x 48” x 24” C-Frame
RD-4000 48” x 60” x 24” C-Frame
RD-6000 60” x 60” x 36” Barrel
RD-10000 72” x 72” x 36” Barrel
RD-15000 84” x 84” x 36” Barrel
RD-20000 96” x 96” x 36” Barrel
PRD-233 120" x 54" x 40.5" C-Frame

Custom sizing is available.



Resource Center

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Barrel Configuration


C-Frame Configuration



















RD Options 

Variable Width Clamping– Dual opposing hydraulic cylinders fitted with clamping jaws matching the batten board configuration of your patterns are used to clamp the pattern. This is in place of the fixed width, lift-table design, which is standard. Pricing is determined based on batten requirements. 

Fully AutomaticOperation– The standard PRD is outfitted with all components required to properly draw a mold. The automated upgrade performs the same task, but with a pre-programmed rolling and stripping cycle designed to eliminate
a full time operator. The machine’s operation is completely self-controlled except if an auto-draw cycle fails. If this occurs,
an operator is prompted to draw the mold manually. As soon as the mold is clear of the box, automatic operation is
restored for the remainder of the cycle. 

Draw-Side Belt Conveyor– This option is employed when the use of a bottom board is not desired. Super-duty belting
is used for long life, and ease of replacement is foremost in design.




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