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Carousel Molding Systems - Simplified

CMS-S Series

The CMS-S Series is designed for foundries desiring moderate mold output in a limited molding space. The CMS-S is a simpler and lower cost version of our standard CMS Series of molding carousels. The CMS-S is designed with the following principles is mind:

  • Ultimate simplicity
  • Minimal material handling
  • Maximum mold output
  • Ease of operation and maintenance

The Carousel Molding System has been designed with the ruggedness and simplicity that have been our trademark from the beginning. Many of the specific details of each system will be finalized with each customer based on their individual requirements.


The basic concept is that of a rotary turntable. The table top is supported (depending on size) by a minimum of 10 heavy duty steel casters on dual concentric support rings. Roller conveyors are mounted on the turntable top extending radially from center. The outer concentric ring is driven by a high torque friction drive system.

The primary drive is a 10 horsepower three phase motor used in conjunction with a high reduction gear box. A variable frequency drive powers the unit and rotational speed. On the base machine, the carousel will run as long as the operator holds the rotate button. A controls upgrade is available for automatic mold indexing.

Conveying Sections

The base machine is equipped with gravity roller conveyor for each station. The number of stations can vary as an option from four to eight in the standard design. Larger carousels can be produced for long cure time resin systems such as furan.

The PCS will accept most flaskless No-Bake patterns up to the maximum platen capacity.

Available Options

  • Powered roller, belt, or drag-line chain conveyor
  • Auto mold index controls upgrade
  • Rollover / Draw Machine

Typical CMS-S Layout


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