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Foundry Products:
FCS-T Tilting Flow-Coating Machines

General Description

The FCS is designed for use with all flow-coating applications. The FCS combines the rugged durability expected from Palmer equipment with the productivity dictated by today’s advanced molding systems. With automatic PLC controls available, the FCS Flow-Coating System can easily integrate into your existing molding conveyor system.


  • Heavy-channel steel construction ensures years of trouble-free operation without flexure of the tilting frame.
  • High load tapered roller bearings are standard on the primary pivot point for increased load capacity.
  • Four-inch diameter appendage guide rollers ensure that the clamping assembly remains rigid.
  • Full hydraulic operation provides for a robust power system, requiring minimal maintenance. Tilting is accomplished with dual six-inch bore heavy-duty series hydraulic cylinders. Clamping is achieved with a single six-inch bore cylinder, and push-off with a single four-inch bore cylinder. 
  • Design features heavy-duty “Palmerveyor” for long life, easy service, and minimal preventative maintenance.
  • Dual heavy-duty clamping jaws ensure that molds are secure prior to tilting. 
  • Operator safety cage protects workers from potential hazards and gives them a sense of security during operation.
  • High volume diaphragm pump provides maximum pump life and requires little preventative maintenance.
  • Wash basin constructed of 3/16” steel reinforced for durability. Basin and construction material can be customized to fit the application’s exact needs.

Order Of Operations

  • Roll mold in and center
  • Initiate primary clamping
  • Verify clamp pressure
  • Tilt to operator wash application point
  • Await operator input of completion
  • Tilt to home
  • Eject mold 
Standard Sizes Nominal Mold Size
FCS-T-1000 36X48X12
FCS-T-4000 48X60X24
FCS-T-6000 60X60X24

Resource Center

Video Palmer FCS-R Flow Coater




Other sizes are available upon request. We can easily custom produce to meet your exact application requirements.

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