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Acetarc Engineering and Palmer Manufacturing

Palmer has partnered with Acetarc Engineering – a leading ladle global manufacturer located in England, with installations at Caterpillar, East Jordan Iron Works, Rolls Royce Naval Marine, and Victaulic to name a few. This company has been supplying foundry ladles and associated pouring equipment in North America since 1998. The full range of Acetarc foundry ladles and associated equipment is being offered by Palmer’s extensive sales network.

  • Transfer & casting ladles (lip-pour, teapot spout, etc.)
  • Bottom pouring ladles
  • Treatment ladles (ductile iron)
  • Pouring systems for high speed molding lines
  • Ladle pre-heaters
  • Crucible handling equipment

Acetarc Safe-pour (zero harm) bottom pouring system

The Acetarc Safe-pour (zero harm) bottom pouring system allows the operator full freedom of movement enabling the operator be located in a safe position when using bottom pour ladles.

The bottom pour mechanism is similar to a conventional manually operated unit, with a guided slide bar raising the stopper rod assembly to commence pouring. However the Safe-pour system, instead of a manually operated lever, uses a cylinder to raise the slide bar. The unit has radio remote control and is battery powered so the ladle does not require connection to a power cable.

The system is designed to be fail safe so that the slide bar will automatically lower, stopping the pour, if either the radio signal or power is interrupted.

The Safe-pour unit is self-contained, housed in an insulated enclosure, so that the ladle can be fully rotated without the need to disconnect any hoses or cables.

The BP mechanism can be fitted with a lever for manual operation, should the need arise.

The Safe-pour system can also be retro-fitted to ladles.


Geared ladles with capacities to 140,000 lbs and un-geared ladles with capacities to 220,000 lbs are available. Geared ladles are also available with either manual or motorized gearbox rotation.

About Acetarc

Acetarc Engineering Company, headquartered in Keighley, United Kingdom, is a family-owned and operated business since 1967. Acetarc is ISO9001 registered, and specializes in the design and manufacturer of all types of heavy-duty foundry ladles and associated equipment with installations throughout the world. For more information, visit their web site at: www.acetarc.co.uk


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Acetarc Safe-pour unit

Acetarc Safe-pour RRC operation

65 Ton Ladles Sold to the US Naval Foundry




Acetarc workhorse ladle

Acetarc bottom pour ladle on stand

Powered rotating ladle

Treatment ladles for ductile (S.G.) iron

Lip-axis pouring systems

Auto-pour unit serving a high speed automatic molding line

Acetarc ladle pre-heater with Acetarc ladle


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