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Foundry Products:
Palmer GS Series CoreMaker Amine Gas Generators

The COREMAKER line of cold box core machines and supporting equipment is designed with simplicity and ease of use as a primary goal. Built by foundrymen for foundrymen, these units are expressly designed for the harsh foundry environment and with the ultimate simplicity in mind. 

  • Can be specified for use with all Amine gasses.


  • Storage enclosure for liquid amine storage device (5 Gallons Is Standard) 
  • Amine dosing pump 
  • Process air heater 
  • Process control timers


  • Gas Cabinet

System Requirements

  • 480 Volt 3 Phase Power 
  • 1/2" Compressed Air Supply (Clean and Dry)

Basic Description

The COREMAKER GS Series of amine gas generators is designed with simplicity and repeatability in mind. Palmer gas generation systems are provided complete with stainless steel amine pump, process air heater, all necessary process timers and interconnecting controls for existing core machines.


GS-10 - The GS-10 is a compact gassing system for cores up to 30 pounds. It features a sealed enclosure for the storage of amine liquid in 5 gallon pails (other sizes available). The amine supply pump extracts liquid amine from the supply and pumps it directly to the system venturi. Amine is metered into the venturi through a fast acting stainless steel ball valve. Amine gassing and purge time are easily adjusted within the system process controller. Once the amine is injected, the heated process purge air is introduced to carry the amine gas to the core machine. The purge air is heated within a high quality process heater for improved amine usage efficiency. Process heater air temperature is digitally controlled.

While simple, the operation of the GS-10 is extremely repeatable. Additionally, its simplicity makes for easier understanding and troubleshooting by operators and improved up time.

Optional Economy Scrubber

All Palmer COREMAKER Core Systems can be ordered with the Palmer Economy Scrubber. Click the following link for scrubber details. SCRUBBER



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GS-10 Gassing System Mounted to Optional Gassing Cabinet

PS-10 Gassing System Mounted
to Optional Gassing Cabinet


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