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Foundry Products:
Palmer No-Bake CoreMaker™ CM-Series Core Blowers

No-Bake and Cold Box

Our Customers Are Blowing...

Exhaust Manifolds, Vanes and Volutes, Small Molds, Pump Components, Machine Base Components. Below are pictured a few samples from the no-bake version of the CM-25 CoreMaker.


  • High Productivity with Amazing Simplicity 

  • Available for air setting or cold box binder systems 

  • Works great with wooden dump boxes, shell tooling, cold box tooling. Ideal for low volume work blown core work, for replacing oil sand core making systems, where shell cores require too much setup time for order quantity, and where shell tooling is too expensive. 

  • Simple, Rugged Design 

  • Does not require intricate venting in the no-bake version. 

  • No scrubber required with air setting binders 

  • Ideal for small to mid-sized jobbing foundries 

  • Blow cores and make molds with the same machine with optional swivel mixer. 

  • Dual resin systems available to make no-bake and cold box cores with one machine. 


  • Super-Duty Clamping Table and Cylinders.
  • Fill timer for control of any continuous or batch mixer.
  • Warning timer and buzzer for advance notice of work time expiration for air set systems 
  • Rigid, long life fabrication and heavy duty components. 
  • 120V Operation
  • The simplest, most cost effective method to enter the blown core casting market. 
  • Spare parts are available from full service industrial supply houses or from Palmer's extensive inventory.
  • M-Series Mixer - produce cores and molds in one machine!

Available Sizes 

  • CM-25 30 lbs Max Blow (13 kg)
  • CM-50 58 lbs Max Blow (26 kg)
  • CM-100 108 lbs Max Blow (48 kg)
  • CM-300 350 lbs Max Blow (159 kg)
  • CM-500 600 lbs Max Blow (272 kg)

Components Overview

Primary Fabrication - The CoreMaker is designed around a backbone of heavy wall steel tubing. Absolute machine rigidity was designed in to the COREMAKER. With full clamping pressure, the machine will not flex. The blowing area is completely enclosed to minimize blown sand and safety issues generally associated in blown core areas.

Blow Chamber - The heart of the COREMAKER is its blow chamber. Specially designed for use with air setting binders, the blow chamber's unique geometry prevents sand and resin buildup within. Super heavy construction ensures long life. Unit requires very little cleaning.

Clamping Table - The COREMAKER's clamping table is a heavy-duty, die set typically used for stamping operations. The unit is thoroughly over designed and features 1 3/4" thick steel plates. Two 6" bore cylinders provide for both the motion of the table and the holding pressure needed for blowing. Note that a cleanout tube is located integrally into the clamping table for easy cleaning at the end of a blow cycle (pictured above). Unit purges into a 5 gallon pail located below the clamping table.

Pneumatic System - The highly effective CM-Series features a simple to operate and easy to maintain pneumatic system. Basic, off-the-shelf solenoids control the entire system. The unit includes a surge tank to reduce demands on the plant air system and ensure consistently dense cores.

Control System - The COREMAKER is fitted with a high quality electrical control system featuring standard OEM components and complete control integration. A smart relay is used to control all timing functions. Timer settings include mixer run timer, resin system work timer, and warning buzzer timer. The cold box version features a PLC upgrade to control all system operating times.





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