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Foundry Products:
Optional Sound Proof Cabinet

Palmer Manufacturing designs and supplies core knock-out equipment for virtually any casting. Palmer's experience in vibration tooling design allows us to manufacture decoring equipment for virtually any casting or sand process type. From simple A-Frame decoring units to the complete fully automatic units, Palmer is here to serve.


The cabinet is built around a skeleton of steel tubing on which are welded the insulating panels. Two large service doors allow access for maintenance tasks. A loading door, pneumatically actuated, allows the loading and the unloading of the parts.

An operator panel with display screen gives access to the machine functions and to the parameter adjustment functions. A dual start trigger security command starts the cycle in automatic mode or the selected functions in manual mode.


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Insulating Panels

The insulating panels are built as follows:

  • An outer steel sheet 1.5 mm thick 
  • A Rockwool garnishing with steam protection 100mm thick 
  • An inner perforated steel sheet reducing noise reflection inside the cabinet.

Specifications with or without Soundproofing Enclosure

Air supply: 90 PSI
Air consumption: 6.35 Lb. Cu. Ft. / Minute (800 Nl/min) during hammering
Electrical supply: 480 V 3 Phase, 60 Hz
Installed power: 8 KW
PLC: SIEMENS OP 17 with PanelView
Dimensions: 1890 L x 1800 W x 1925 H (mm)
Weight: 2000 Kg (4400 Pounds)


Vibration Specifications

  • Maximum Part Weight - 132 Pounds 
  • Standard - 176 Pounds on Request 
  • Typical Cycle - 60 Seconds 
    • Hammering - 15 Seconds
    • Vibrating - 45 Seconds 
  • Amplitude - 0.6" 
  • Maximum Vibrating Frequency - 28 Hz 
  • Acceleration - 25 G's

Modes of Operation


In manual mode, the operator can activate the following functions: 

  • Clamping 
  • Loading door operating 
  • Hammering 
  • Vibration



The automatic mode is the normal running mode. To begin, insert a part into the clamping fixture, press the bimanual command and keep pressing until the loading door is completely closed. At this point, the automatic cycle starts.

The machine then carries out the following operations:

  • Part clamping 
  • Loading door closing 
  • Hammering 
  • Shaking and blowing 
  • Unclamping 
  • Loading door opening

At this point, the decored part can be unloaded.

Adjustable Parameters

  • PRESSURES - The hammering and clamping pressures can be adjusted separately, depending on the part type, from 58 to 87 PSI. 
  • VIBRATION FREQUENCY - The vibrating frequency is adjustable in a range from 15 to 28 Hz. 
  • TIME ADJUSTMENTS - Hammering, vibrating, and blowing times can be adjusted. 
  • PART TYPE - The part type facility allows to store the specific working parameters of a part or a group of parts. 
  • CONTROL OF PARAMETERS - By pressing a single key, the current working parameters are displayed.


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