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Vibrating Screener


Sand fed from the underside of the return sand storage hopper, passes through the three-stage scrubber to the vibrating screen which is located inside the cooler/classifier. Consisting of a woven wire steel mesh stretched over a curved frame, the screen is vibrated by means of a pneumatically operated piston-type vibrator. This unit is mounted on a framework inside the top of the cooler/classifier, from which it is isolated by means of leaf springs. This prevents the possibility of transferring any vibration from the screen to the body of the cooler/classifier.

The purpose of the screen is to remove all contaminants from the sand, such as pieces of metal, ceramic sleeves, pouring cups, and larger than grain-size agglomerates. Any such contaminants are discharged from the top surface of the screen to the outside of the cooler/classifier via a waste chute, into a customer-provided waste bin.

All dust produced by the screening process is removed by dust collector used with the cooler/classifier. This is the main reason for mounting the screen inside this unit.


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