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FLOW-BOSS Liquid Monitoring System

The Flow-Boss Liquid Monitoring System is a self-contained, independent unit that can be retrofitted on to any batch or continuous mixer resin delivery system. If ordered in conjunction with a retrofit pumping system or full mixing system (continuous or batch), the circuitry for the Flow-Boss can be included in the primary electrical enclosure as an option.

The Flow-Boss utilizes positive displacement flow meters which monitor the actual flow of the resin components. The greatest difference between the Flow-Boss and traditional pump motor RPM based control systems is that this system monitors actual resin flow, not pump RPM. By monitoring the actual desired system variable, viscosity and temperature measuring errors are minimized as well as control errors related to worn or sticking pumps. The standard microprocessor control system (Allen-Bradley PLC) monitors the output signal from each flow meter and compares the flow to the desired addition rate.

If the flow through the meter deviates beyond the preset limit (low or high), an audible alarm and warning light are activated, indicating which flow is out of specification. As an option, this alarm circuit can also be interlocked to the mixer controls to stop the mixer or pumping system in case of a flow deviation.

Each Flow-Boss comes standard with inlet strainer baskets or filters, depending on resin system. This serves to eliminate foreign materials from entering the high tolerance flow meters, minimizing replacement of these items. By monitoring build-up in these filters, it is also possible to predict when resin storage tanks need to be replaced or if there are process cleanliness issues related to resin storage.

Flow-Boss Options to Consider 

  • PID Feedback Control - PID Feedback Control is a low cost alternative to the well known "Smart Pump System". The standard PLC system is upgraded to include DC Voltage output controls which tie directly to the existing mixer pump drive motors. Once calibrated and programmed, this Flow-Boss option automatically controls pump speed based on measured flow. This self correcting system virtually eliminates an operator's intervention in the process during calibration as well as all resin delivery inconsistencies. Once initial system calibration is performed, calibrations need only be done to verify the process or when there are significant process changes such as resin system or supplier. The system also corrects for changes in resin temperature and viscosity. 
  • Acid System Upgrade for Furan or Warm Box Resins - This option includes a PVC body flow meter and PVC strainer for the acid component. 
  • Third Part Pump Monitoring - This option includes a super-high tolerance flow meter, micro liquid strainer, and an additional PLC upgrade for the measurement of catalyst flow for three part phenolic urethane or comparable resin systems. This system upgrade is ideal for shops where catalyst usage is very costly or mold and core strip time is critical. Controls function the same as the resin components, only on a very low flow level. 
  • Automatic Temperature Biasing - This option is available in conjunction with the PID option and either acid or 3rd part controls above. Based on sand temperature, catalyst or acid addition are automatically controlled to maintain a constant strip time. This option is ideal for facilities where strip time is critical and sand temperature, ambient temperature, or resin temperature variations have a significant adverse affect on the mold or core process. 
  • Multiple Resin Levels - The Flow-Boss can be configured for use on mixing systems that are equipped with multiple resin level operation. Changeover of monitoring is instantaneous to ensure accurate resin deliver even during level changeover. 
  • Integral Control System - This upgrade when ordered with a retrofit pumping system or full mixing system (continuous or batch) will integrate the control system of the Flow-Boss and that of the pumping system into one, easy to use control enclosure.

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