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Auto-Fill Resin Transfer Systems

Long known for supplying high quality resin delivery systems, Palmer has expanded its line of pumping systems to include bulk transfer and auto-fill systems.

Most foundries realize great savings in the usage of bulk or tote resin delivery. However, not every mixing or usage station dictates a full size tote tank. For those applications where a primary storage location is available to be distributed to one or several remote usage areas, the Auto-Fill Resin Transfer System may be for you.

Utilizing our standard pumping technology coupled with non-contact sensoring techniques, Palmer can design a resin transfer system to fit your exact needs. Standard systems include an enclosed NEMA panel for pumping components, non-liquid-contact proximity sensors, and the necessary integrating controls for both. Whether the system be designed to transfer to one or a dozen remote stations, the base technology is the same. System smarts range from simple high / low auto-fill to PLC integrated level monitoring, reporting, and maintenance functions.



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