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Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc., is pleased to now offer equipment leasing, through Stanton Leasing. Leasing Palmer equipment gives you many benefits:

  1. Conserve Capital – by allowing you to invest elsewhere in your business rather than in assets that depreciate. If the asset will make you money in the future, why pay for it now?
  2. Fits Budget – 100% of the equipment can be financed.
  3. Tax Benefits – lease payments are a fully deductible operating expense for tax purposes.
  4. Hedge Against Inflation – the equipment you acquire today is paid for with tomorrow’s inflated dollars over the term of the lease.
  5. Avoid Advance Payment – paying cash for equipment that will be used for years is like paying an employee for years of service in advance. Leasing allows you to pay for the use of a product as it produces over time.
  6. Use Equipment Without Profit/Loss – operating profits come from the use of the equipment, not ownership of it. Leasing allows payments to be made from the revenues generated by the leased equipment.


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