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Vertical Lift Sand Conveyor

This new equipment uniquely vertically elevates, heats, cools, and meters with only one moving part in contact with the product!

Having an uncomplicated design employing a static screw and a rotating casing means substantially reduced maintenance costs and delays versus standard bucket elevators and other elevating devices. The rotating casing, with attached intake scoops, is the only moving part to touch the product; thereby preventing any product contamination. The Vertical Lift Sand Conveyor can be supplied with an optional built-in Heat Exchanger at minimal extra expense.

One foundry moving 10-20 tons of sand per day is reporting no maintenance costs or downtime over a six year period and therefore has substantially reduced both maintenance and expensive downtime costs versus their former bucket elevator.

Any operation that elevates granular, powdered or pelletized bulk material can be revolutionized with the Vertical Lift Sand Conveyor.

Other significant advantages:

  • High Volume Handling
  • Vertically Elevates, Heats, Cools and Meters
  • Small Footprint – elevate bulk material at 90° in under 10 square ft. of floor space.
  • Precision Variable Flow Rate
  • Fire & Explosion Risk Minimized
  • Dust-Free Elevation
  • Product Shielded from Contaminants
  • Rapid Clean-out
  • Energy Efficient – operates with low amp draw and outperforms pneumatic systems without costly compressors, blowers, and vacuum equipment.
  • No need for separate metering devices
  • Does not segregate materials during elevation
  • Silent Operation
  • Can be used with a wide variety of materials

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